smUihk ivAwh

smUihk ivAwh
isr& nwmDwrIAW
qy grIb b`cIAW dy hI nhIN huMdy

ijQy vI ivAwh ho irhw hovy muMfy qy kuVI dw
ho rhy huMdy auQy hor ikMny swry ivAwh
idsdy Axidsdy
iesqrI-ilMgW puilMgW dy joiVAW dy
dwj qy jwiedwd dw
suh`px qy kmweI dw
kwrobwr qy ilAwkq dw
tOhr qy suAwgq dw
ruqby qy syvw dw
sur`iKAw qy bMDn dw
mjbUrI qy smJOqy dw
----- qy ----- dw
ijQy vI ho irhw hovy ivAwh
smUihk ivAwh hI huMdw

ijEN ijEN mnu~K cVHdw jwey
smUihk ivAwh dy mMfp ivc
vDdI jwey iehnW joiVAW dI igxqI

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Gurinderjit Singh said...

This is really beautiful and thought provoking. However you have ignored the compatible and positive groupings! The fact that these marriages are still pillars of our society is due to these unmentioned positive outcomes.