mYN dirAw nUM pu`iCAw

ikvyN vg lYNdw hYN lgwqwr?

A`goN dirAw ny pu`iCAw

vgxw kI huMdw?

dirAw nwl quridAW

smuMdr kol pu`ijAw

jo cMd v`l dyK ky h`s irhw sI

Es nUM pu`iCAw-

eynw gihrw ikvyN hoieAw?

smuMdr pu`Cx l`gw

gihrweI huMdI?

iPr mYN cMd nUM pu`iCAw-

eynw SWq ikauN hYN?

cMd ny hYrwn ho pu`iCAw-

ieh SWqI kI cIz hoeI?

myry supny ‘c

dirAw smuMdr qy cMd AwaNdy hn

AwKdy hn-

bMdw bx

mYQoN prq ky pu`C nhIN huMdw

ieh bMdw kI huMdw?


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